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Hello, It’s Skywalker! I have you covered every day from 10 till 2 on Eagle Country 97.5  with great music but as far as me, here are 5 Q&A’s to let you know a bit more about me.

1)  Are you a Star Wars fan?  No, The hospital mixed up Star Wars and Star Trek. Otherwise, I’d be Spock
2) Guilty pleasure?  Chinese Food, S’mores, and Lucky Charms
3) Secret Talent- I can burp on demand. Do I admit this? Too Late
4) Favorite Number-  23 is my favorite. My least favorite is the number on my banking statement.
5) Who is your favorite artist on Eagle Country 97.5?  The crush always comes back to Shania
Further questions can be submitted in triplicate via email 🙂 better yet via social @skyskymedia
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